Our Portfolio

Through our funds, we have worked closely with and helped a broad spectrum of Asian companies achieve business objectives and transform into thriving, sustainable institutional class enterprises. These include

Industrial Manufacturing, China

Aofeng Hi-Tech Co., Ltd

Metal Recycling, India

Century Metal Recycling Pte. Ltd

High-end Industrial Manufacturing, Global

CN Innovations Holdings Ltd

High-end Furnishing, Global

Rochdale Spears Group

Marine Services, Indonesia

PT Trust Line Marine

High-end Industrial Manufacturing, China

X-FIPER New Material Co., Ltd

E-Commerce Logistics, Global

Zebra Holding Ltd

Telecom, Indonesia

P.T. AriaWest Intl.

Telecom, Philippines

Bayan Telecom Holdings Corp.

Pharmaceuticals, China

Bestime Pharma (Asia) Ltd

Telecom, India

Bharti Airtel Ltd

Telecom, India

Bharti Infratel Ltd

Pharmaceuticals, China

Buchang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Media & Advertising, China

Charm Communications Inc.

Telecom, China

CNK Telecom (BVI) Ltd

Financial Services, India

The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd

Ports & Logistics, China

CSX World Terminals Infrastructure Ltd

Toll Roads, China

DeMaT TransAsia Holdings Ltd

Telecom, Indonesia

P.T. Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk.

Pharmaceuticals, India

Famy Care Ltd

Energy, India

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd

Toll Roads, India

P.T. Marga Mandalasakti

Energy, China

Meiya Power Company Ltd

Bereavement Services, Asia Pacific

Nirvana Asia Ltd

Aquaculture, China

Oceanus Group Ltd

Supply Chain Management, Singapore

Olam Intl. Ltd

Telecom, Global

Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E.

Consumer Packaging, Asia Pacific

Pacific Plas Pte. Ltd

Ports & Logistics, China

Pacific Ports Company Ltd

Steel, South Korea

SeAH Besteel Corp.

Industrial Manufacturing, China

Tai-I Intl. (Bermuda) Ltd

Equipment Distribution & Leasing, Asia Pacific

Tat Hong Holdings Ltd

Medical Devices, China

Waston Medical Co., Ltd

Financial Services, India

Yes Bank Ltd