CMR Singled Out for Its Innovative Technology and Environmental Contribution

U.S. based Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, the world’s premium organization for recycling with nearly 6000 members across 45 countries, has recently published an article on AIF Capital’s Fund III portfolio company, Century Metal Recycling (“CMR”).

The article emphasized on CMR’s consistent high product quality and devotion to developing innovative technologies, including being the first Indian smelter to deliver liquid metal to its die-casting customers, bringing significant technological and environmental upgrades to India’s secondary metal sector.

Link to article: The Heat Is On

About CMR – CMR is India’s largest aluminum recycling company and producer of aluminum and zinc alloys used for the automotive industry. The company operates seven manufacturing facilities in India including three new facilities added post AIF Capital’s investment in November 2013. Two of these new facilities are in individual joint ventures with Japanese auto giants, Nikkei MC Aluminum and Toyota Tsusho.

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