CMR Wins the Best Recycler Award

Century Metal Recycling (“CMR”) won the Best Recycler award on 8th of September at the 2017 World Non Ferrous Awards, organized by Mtlexs in conjunction with the Government of Maharashtra and KPMG. 180 candidates vied for various awards based on criteria that included volume recycled, recycling processes and technology, sustainability of operations, contribution to environmental improvement, and scrap percentage in total company production.

“I would like to congratulate & thank the entire leadership team of CMR and each and every member of the CMR Group. We look forward to many achievements and celebrations.” said Mohan Agarwal, Chairman of CMR.

Since AIF Capital’s investment in 2013, CMR has expanded capacity and added three new manufacturing facilities in Pune, Gujarat, and Chennai.

“Congratulations to CMR for once again demonstrating market leadership through its sustainability practices.” said Peter Amour, CEO of AIF Capital.

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About CMR – CMR is India’s largest aluminum recycling company and producer of aluminum and zinc alloys used for the automotive industry. The company operates seven manufacturing facilities in India including three new facilities added post AIF Capital’s investment in November 2013. Two of these new facilities are in individual joint ventures with Japanese auto giants, Nikkei MC Aluminum and Toyota Tsusho.


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