Investing in Asia’s Most Vibrant & Dynamic Growth Segment

Mid-market Focus, Secular Trends Driven

The mid-market segment is a substantial economic growth contributor in many Asian economies, and is rich with opportunities for private capital investment and significant value creation.

This is where we seek to provide transformational growth capital to established businesses that are at an inflection point in their development, and in sectors that are beneficiaries of the key secular trends shaping the Asian private capital investment landscape.

Experienced Asia-Regional Platform

AIF Capital remains a dedicated Asia regional private capital provider since 1994. Experienced in supporting the growth of Asian businesses in their cross-border activities through several major economic cycles, we seek to invest in

  • Regional businesses with pan-Asia attributes,
  • Companies with cross border expansion ambitions,
  • Local leaders with sizeable home market positions seeking growth capital to reach the scale of regional competitors.

Disciplined Investment Approach

We take a long term perspective to investing, and recognize that every opportunity is unique. We are rigorous in our screening process and target strategically viable mid-market companies in Asia with strong management teams, proven business models and sustainable competitive advantages. Our investment approach emphasizes price and structuring discipline at entry, deploying proven best practices to support portfolio company growth, and driving transformational upside through operational improvement.

Partnering For Growth

We are an active and collaborative partner committed to supporting and enhancing the growth of our portfolio companies. While we do not want to run your business, we will provide you with the resources required for you to succeed. We do this by setting shared goals, creating relevant opportunities, leveraging on our extensive network and applying our strategic, operational, financial and cross-border expertise to maximize your business potential.

Responsible Investing

AIF Capital is a Signatory to United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (“UNPRI”). We incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in all our investment processes and have been actively assisting portfolio companies in developing ESG policies since 1994. Initiatives include programs to reduce environmental impact, improve energy efficiency and upgrade labor policies. We also include ESG initiatives as a condition precedent to our investing, and require regular reporting on ESG issues from portfolio companies.